Mission: CASA for Clermont Kids mission is to recruit, train and manage Court Appointed Special Advocates, to ensure through effective, sustained advocacy, a safe, permanent, loving home for every neglected, abused and dependent child whose family’s fate is in the hands of the Clermont County Juvenile Court.  

Vision: CASA for Clermont Kids vision is to provide advocacy, consistency and quicker routes to successful permanency for all children who have entered juvenile court as a result of abuse or neglect. CASA for Clermont Kids is committed to the highest quality of advocacy through trained Court Appointed Special Advocates.

Values:  Service, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Safety and Best Interest, Fairness, Integrity, and Compassion are a few of the Values of CASA for Clermont Kids.

What does effective, sustained advocacy look like?

Effective advocacy: CASA volunteers are specially trained to assess a child’s overall situation, identify the needs of the children they serve and advocate for their best interests both in and out of court.  Safety is a pillar of the CASA mission and at times requires CASA to initiate court actions to protect the children we serve.  Volunteers speak up for the child and often on behalf of the child to the court system.  A volunteer could be advocating for IEP services at a child’s school, or mental health services for a traumatized child.  A volunteer may be advocating for/facilitating video calls between siblings in separate foster homes to help children maintain important family connections.  A volunteer will not allow the child/ren they serve to fall through the cracks of overwhelmed systems.  This type of special attention improves outcomes for children while they are separated from their biological parents. 

Sustained advocacy: CASA volunteers accompany a child throughout the process of reunification with parents.  If reunification is not possible, CASA volunteers continue to advocate for the children they serve by advocating for their best interests while appropriate extended family members or adoptive homes are sought.  The CASA volunteer knows the child’s wishes and ensures the Court is aware of those wishes. The CASA volunteer may advocate for counseling to help the child cope with a permanent change.  This process can take up to two years and sometimes much longer.  Case workers change.  Schools may change. Foster homes may change. But the CASA volunteer is always there.  By being a safe, trusted, always available adult, CASA volunteers can help mitigate the negative impact of trauma in a child’s life.

Who are the children we serve?

We serve children of all ages. In cases where children opt to remain in foster care beyond their 18th birthday, their CASA worker can continue to advocate for them until their 21st birthday.   In many cases, CASA volunteers mentor older children and remain in touch years after their court cases close.

Who are CASA volunteers?

 People just like you!  

It is the diversity of your experience as members of the community that makes for great advocates.  Nationally, we have NFL players serving as CASA volunteers.  Locally, our volunteers are men and women of many ages, from very diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

CASA volunteers share one passion: safe, permanent, loving homes for children who have been neglected and abused.    Email: Nathan@casaforclermontkids.org or Laura@casaforclermontkids.org to learn more about volunteering.