Get Your Tickets To The Fall Fundraiser!
Revamped, Revised, Renewed!! Thanks to your support every year to CASA For Clermont Kids we are able to continue to advocate for the children in the Clermont County Community! Here at CASA we want you to know that we listen to your comments and suggestions on how to make our most valuable event a success. Due to Receptions in Eastgate closing, we have moved the location, date, and time to strive to better serve you, our dedicated and loyal supporters. Please see below for the events updated information. 



As pictured above we will be moving our event to the Holiday Inn 

4501 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245


November 2, 2018                                                                                                                                                                      


6:00 p.m.  

As always, thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you there! 


The Fall Fundraiser May Be Over But You Can Still Help!

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    Donate To The Volunteer Gas Relief Fund

    CASA volunteers use their own funds to travel to visit their abused and neglected child clients.  In 2016, volunteers drove over 20,600 miles serving the children.  Would you like to contribute to the Gas Relief Fund to help them?

    Milford Street Eats 2017

    Milford Street Eats 2017, fun for all ages.

    From CASA, a big “thank you” for all who came out to supports CASA for Clermont Kids at the Milford Street Eats 2017, on Saturday,  August 5th!

    CASA for Clermont Kids operated 2 booths selling water and soft drinks in order to raise funds.  All funds go to helping support our mission serving abused and neglected children in Clermont County.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all these children have a safe, permanent and loving home.

    With a great deal of effort from volunteers, CASA raised $3,500 to support the children of Clermont County!

    Thank you, volunteers and attendees of Milford Street Eats.  A special thank you to Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce for letting CASA participate, and a huge thank you to the hard work of our volunteers and their families, and the extended Helsel family for working long hours to raise money for the children!


    The Lykins 27th Annual Charity Golf outing raises $75,000 for CASA for Clermont Kids

    Lykins Energy Solutions presented CASA today with a check from the annual Golf Outing held at Legendary Run Golf Course. Special thanks to Copper Blue for all they do, Digimax for all their contributions and ALL the Lykins employees for tirelessly working each year to make this golf outing bigger and better. Im SO excited to announce this year Lykins raised $75,000. CASA simply would not be able to serve as many children as we do without the support Lykins provides each and every year. Sincere thanks from all of us here at CASA.



    On the evening of April 22, 2016, CASA for Clermont Kids held its annual spring charity fundraising gala at Receptions in Eastgate. The evening was a great success for guests, entertainers, and those working behind the scenes. With nearly 300 registered guests, this event raised approximately $59,000 to support CASA advocates and the abused and neglected children in Clermont County! This year’s emcee Bob Pautke ensured the guests had a blast while placing their raffle tickets in one of the many great raffle baskets donated by the county offices. Everyone especially loved Bob’s group “selfies!” CASA extends its appreciation to Dave Lewis of Lewis Auctioneering for providing his auctioning services for our highly valued live auction items. An especially nice added touch to this year’s gala was the presence of skilled musicians. CASA would like to thank Carl Emerson and Summers Hagerman for gracing us with their beautiful melodies on the saxophone and guitar while guests were bidding on silent auction baskets. Many thanks to Harmony Hill Winery for providing their musical talents for us!



    CASA advocates Martha Kleinfelter and Mary Ellen Steele-Pierce were a huge help by coordinating the tasks of those who were graciously willing to donate their time to help work the event. It was extremely beneficial to have an “all hands on deck” approach to working the event. Check out was swift and smooth, and, it was extremely convenient to see the winning bid numbers on a power point at the end of the night. The delicious and mouthwatering appetizers were provided by Susana Ibarra and were enjoyed by everyone. CASA advocate and Park National Bank officer Cyndi Wright graciously introduced the new Lykins Positive Energy award winner.



    This year’s recipient for the annual Lykins Positive Energy Award went to Chris Baxla and Baxla Tractor Sales, Inc. for all of their contributions to helping make our organization run. We believe the event this year was one of our most successful and smooth-running events compared to years past! We would like to extend our appreciation to the many companies who donated their services, products, monetary gifts, and time to help make our baskets full and appealing. We couldn’t do what we do without all of your support. What a great community to be a part of.


    CASA for Clermont Kids Receives Generous Donation…

    CASA for Clermont Kids Receives Generous Donation from Coldwell Banker West Shell for the 3rd year!



    February 24, 2016

    CASA for Clermont Kids is extremely grateful for the continued support and generosity of Coldwell Banker West Shell! For the 3rd year, CASA for Clermont Kids was nominated as a beneficiary by the Coldwell Banker West Shell Anderson Office.

    On February 24th 2016, the “Story of our Lives” Coldwell Banker West Shell Awards event was held. As one of many valuable causes, CASA for Clermont Kids was selected and received a check for $2000 from the Coldwell Banker West Shell Foundation, whose mission is to support worthy local charities.

    CASA for Clermont Kids is a local nonprofit charity. The funds so generously donated by the Coldwell Banker West Shell organizations will be used to recruit, train and support community volunteers. These volunteers go on to become Court Appointed Special advocates, the voice in Clermont County Juvenile Court for abused and neglected children who enter the court system through no fault of their own.

    CASA for Clermont Kids is extremely grateful for the continued show of support by Coldwell Banker West Shell.

    To find out more about CASA for Clermont Kids, please visit: or call (513) 732-7160

    To learn more about the fine people at Coldwell Banker West Shell’s Anderson office, please visit:
    To find out more about the Cold well Banker West Shell Foundation and the causes it supports, Please visit:

    Eight New Volunteers!


    From Left to Right:  New CASA volunteer Guardians  Martha Rauen, Betsy Anderson, Annette Nienajadly, Tina Allen, Shannon Day, Liz Powers, Pamela Rada, and Kathy Knauff

    CASA for Clermont Kids and the Honorable Judge James A. Shriver held a swearing in ceremony Monday, November 9th, adding eight new Guardians ad Litem to the CASA volunteer Program.

    CASA for Clermont Kids is a non-profit agency that provides court advocates to speak for the best interests of abused, neglected, and dependent children who have entered the Clermont County Juvenile Court system through no fault of their own.  CASA recruits and trains community citizen volunteers to serve as Guardians ad Litem who independently work to serve as a child’s advocate and voice in court.

    Established in 1998, CASA for Clermont Kids served 197 abused, neglected, and dependent children in Clermont County in 2014 alone.  Typically these children have been removed from their parents and placed in alternate care through no fault of their own.  The eight new volunteers will serve as advocates to all the children in a family in any case to which they are assigned.  The new volunteers will join a CASA team and swell the ranks of currently serving CASAs to 48 community minded citizens who will serve children who need a voice in the courtroom.

    Lykins Positive Energy Award 2016

    Chris Baxla runs local family owned and operated Baxla Tractor Sales, Inc. with 3 area stores.  The business first opened in 1946, and since its first inception, the Baxla commitment has been to help those in the community grow.

    Baxla Tractor Sales has a history and ongoing tradition of giving back to the community.  The Baxla family and stores have hosted events such as “Girls Night Out”, an event which supported CASA, as well as reached out to the female community members to help educate and respond to the growing demands of female customers.  Baxla has also partnered with Child Focus to help recruit potential foster parents, and has helped collect toys for distribution to children in foster care.  Baxla also hosts annual Baxla breakfasts, where the Baxla family company hosts a full breakfast to directly feed the people in the communities they serve.  CASA for Clermont Kids honors and salutes Baxla!


    Thank You!

    CASA for Clermont Kids is fortunate to have the support of local businesses that believe and share in our mission. Corporate support provides community engagement, tax deductions, and shows employees your company cares about the community. There are several different ways your company can support CASA for Clermont Kids:

    • Become a Major Sponsor for our Annual Spring Charity Gala
    • Be a corporate sponsor of a one-time gift
    • Sponsor an employee to become a CASA
    • Sponsor a corporate golf outing, 5k race or other fundraising event
    • Hold an annual “CASA week” at your company with prizes and friendly competitions – money raised will be donated to CASA
    • Casual day each Friday or once a month for $1 or $2, monies donated to CASA
    • Allow a CASA representative to present to employees to explain the program and the responsibilities
    • Encourage employees to link their Kroger Rewards card to CASA for Clermont Kids as their charity
    • Employer-sponsored programs that offer employees the opportunity to make a contribution through payroll deduction
    • Allow CASA to place advertising materials in your office

    Your support allows us to continue the important work of ensuring children in Clermont County’s child welfare system have both a voice and the services they need for a stable future. All sponsorship opportunities will provide benefits for your company, to learn more please contact Jeannie Helsel at 513-732-7178 or



    Our Program

    Our Mission:

    The mission of CASA for Clermont Kids is to advocate for the best interests of abused, neglected and dependent children who have been introduced into Clermont County Juvenile Court. A non-profit agency based on the belief that children are entitled to a safe, loving and permanent home, CASA recruits and trains community involved citizens to volunteer as Guardians ad Litem who independently work in the court system and in collaboration with involved agencies and community resources to serve as the child’s advocate and court representative.

    How Do CASA Volunteers Help Children?

    CASA volunteers are appointed by the judge to advocate for abused and neglected children, to make sure they don’t get lost in the overburdened legal and social service system or languish in inappropriate group or foster homes. Volunteers stay with each case until it is closed and the child is placed in a safe, permanent home. For many abused children, their CASA volunteer will be the one constant adult presence in their lives.

    Who Are CASA Volunteers?

    In 2013, CASA for Clermont Kids served 231 abused and neglected children through the dedication of 55 CASA volunteers.   CASA volunteers are everyday citizens who have undergone screening and training with their local CASA/GAL program.  Our CASA volunteers come from all walks of life including stay at home moms, firefighters, retired teachers, bankers, construction workers, and nurses just to name a few.  It is not necessary to have a legal or child welfare background, just a desire to make a difference in the life of a child. Because there are not enough CASA volunteers to represent all of the children in care, judges will also assign cases to attorney Guardians ad Litem.  In 2013, CASA was only able to serve approximately 50% of the children in need in our community.  CASA for Clermont Kids’ goal is to serve 100% of the children in our community who are in need through the help of our community minded volunteers and supporters.

    Who Are the Children CASA Volunteers Help?

    Judges appoint CASA volunteers to represent the best interests of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Each year, in Clermont County at any given time there are approximately 350 children who are in foster care. This number does not include the number of children who remain in their homes with their guardians under court and Children’s Services supervision.  This service allows the children to remain in their own homes with little disruption when the environment is safe yet extra support and supervision is needed for the caregivers.

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