Milford Street Eats 2017, fun for all ages.

From CASA, a big “thank you” for all who came out to supports CASA for Clermont Kids at the Milford Street Eats 2017, on Saturday,  August 5th!

CASA for Clermont Kids operated 2 booths selling water and soft drinks in order to raise funds.  All funds go to helping support our mission serving abused and neglected children in Clermont County.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all these children have a safe, permanent and loving home.

With a great deal of effort from volunteers, CASA raised $3,500 to support the children of Clermont County!

Thank you, volunteers and attendees of Milford Street Eats.  A special thank you to Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce for letting CASA participate, and a huge thank you to the hard work of our volunteers and their families, and the extended Helsel family for working long hours to raise money for the children!