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Pre-Service Training:

_7003212Before becoming sworn in as a CASA/ GAL, you will complete 40 hours of pre-service training which includes a combination of classroom training, court observation, and at-home reading assignments.  Pre-service training includes topics of the CASA/GAL volunteer role, understanding the legal system, understanding families and the background they come from, cultural diversity, risk factors for child abuse and neglect, effects of poverty, substance abuse epidemics, how to develop the CASA/ GAL relationship with the child, court report writing, and how to best advocate for the child.  We also have a guest speaker who comes from Children’s Services, veteran CASA volunteers, and community members who can speak to the substance abuse issues affecting our community and the families we encounter.

Annual On-going Training:

Once you are sworn in as an advocate, you will need to complete 12 hours of continuing education each year.  This can be done through a mixture of attending in-person training classes and some online workshops, if desired.  3 of your 12 continuing education hours must be in a class setting, so you cannot do all course work online.  You must also have one of your trainings that meet the requirements for Rule 48.  If you have questions we can answer what qualifies and what does not.  We will regularly update this site as new training opportunities come up.