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_7003131In 2013, CASA for Clermont Kids served 231 abused and neglected children thorough the dedication of 55 CASA volunteers. Some of our volunteers share what it means to them to be a Guardian ad Litem:

“My motivation for being a CASA volunteer is the belief that children should have as worry-free a childhood as possible.  Working as a CASA can be challenging and, at times, frustrating.  I am guided by the conviction that children’s rights should never be forgotten.” ~Ana

“CASA started out as a pro bono opportunity and turned out to be so much more.  I love working with the volunteers and supervisors.  More importantly, I love being part of the process that ensures abused and neglected children feel safe and have a better chance in this world.” ~Megan

“Being a CASA/GAL has been the most rewarding volunteer experience.  My case began almost 4 years ago and I have been with 3 sisters through very difficult times and several placements.  I was privileged and honored to attend their adoption ceremony just recently into a very loving, forever home.  Knowing I played a part ensuring these little girls will have the best future validates the importance of our work.” ~Angela

“I love the quote from Mother Teresa which states- ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.’  When I see my child and they have a big smile and are anxious to see me is a great joy for me.  Service to others is my deepest joy and fulfillment in life.  I love this work and feel so honored to have an impact in these children’s lives.” ~Michelle

“I chose to become a CASA volunteer because I could have used a CASA myself as a child.  I want the children to know that I am here, I’m listening, and that they will be heard.” ~Meagan

“Many success stories have one thing in common: ‘Someone believed in me.’ I want to be that someone for a child in need!” ~Kris

DSC_0071“I began volunteering in 2007 wanting to make a difference in children’s lives…wanting to offer something money can’t buy… time and commitment to a difficult process.  I realized I was making a difference when the 8 year old in my case offhandedly mentioned that the caseworkers may change but their CASA would not.  So when I begin to get weary in the work, I remember the 8 year old’s quote and become determined once again to never let these kids down!” ~Marilou

“I chose CASA because I want to make a difference in a child’s life.  I want them to know that there are people out there who will help them without expecting anything in return, kindness exists.”~Karis